About Me

Game, Web and Software Developer

What I do?

Web Backend, indie game and software developer.

Programming Languages?

My primary language is PHP, but I'm familiar with other languages to. Such as C#, VB.NET, QuakeC, Python, Javascript, Lua, HTML5/CSS3...

Favorite Frameworks and Libs?

PHP: Laravel. Javascript: jQuery. HTML/CSS: Bootstrap. Laravel's Blade templateing engine.

What else?

I'm also a Graphics designer, Cartoonist, Photographer. I like to solve problems that require math, logic, brain and common sense.

What I love?

Computers, IT in generally. Cooking, I love to cook and experimenting with food. I love to solve puzzles and algoritms, learning new stuff, experimenting with new and unknown things... I'm also a really big fan of Sci-Fi, Advanture and Mistery movies.


Oh yeah! Dog named Zeus, he is English Bulldog 1 year old cuddle. And I own few British Longhair Highlander cats to.

Interesting Projects?

Yes! I'm creating my own AI and nerve algorithm. Hashing and Encryption algorithms.

Free for a job?

Contact me for more informations.


Goran Margetić

Croatia / Ivanić Grad / 30y

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